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About the Fontana Nissan Racing Team
Fontana Nissan has put together a group of talented people to showcase a very fast Nissan 350Z, as well as a 2009 GTR.   The team principals are listed below.  If you attend an event stop by and say hi!

Fontana Nissan Racing Team and Driver photo


                                 Mike Cronin Jr.

Mike Cronin, driver of the Nissan 350ZTalented and busy. That describes Mike Cronin Jr, a professional race car driver as well as  President and General Manager of Fontana Nissan.  Mike began  racing in 1992 and joined the professional ranks in 1994. He won his first professional Championship in 1996 in the IRRA Sportsman Stock Car Road Racing Series. He continued to gain experience competing in VARA, Trans-Am, and NASCAR. 2003 saw Mike heavily involved in the development of the Nissan 350Z racing program in the Grand Am Cup Series.  HIs team scored the first North American professional road racing series win for the Nissan 350Z. Mike grabbed the pole and  appeared on the  podium frequently in his Grand Am Cup career.  He currently resides in La Verne California with his wife Maria and four children.



                              Jackson Stewart

Jackson Stewart, Team Manager With thirty years of motorsports experience Jackson serves as manager and  chief engineer.  His past motorsports experiences include almost all team positions on championship winning IMSA, NASCAR, Trans-Am, Grand Am Cup, Grand Am Rolex, and World Challenge teams.  Beginning in the early 1980's, Jackson has contributed to winning teams as engine builder, car chief, crew chief, and manager. In 2003 he built  and ran the three Grand Am Cup Nissan 350Z's, one of which scored the first North American professional road racing series win for Nissan in the 350Z.  Currently he designed and oversaw construction of the chassis and powertrain of the Fontana Nissan 350Z. He resides in Rosamond California with his wife Melinda.

                                  Car Chief

                                 Eric Meade

Eric Meade, Car ChiefEric brings eleven years of professional motorsports experience to the Fontana Nissan Racing team.  Eric has crewed  for teams in VARA, Trans-Am, NASCAR, and Speed World Challenge. 2003 through 2007 saw Eric working as first a mechanic and later as car chief on the Nissan 350Z program in Grand Am Cup, which gives him unparalleled experience with the 350Z.  His meticulous attention to detail insures that the 350Z runs flawlessly at every session.  Eric resides in Rosamond California.


                              Electronics Engineer

                               Naoto Negishi

Brian Sakata, Electronics EngineerNaoto, an employee of Sakata Motorsport Electronics, brings years of experience in the critical area of electronics management to the team. He is the builder of the wiring harness in the 350Z and tuner of the Motec Engine Management System. The team relies on Naoto to keep all of the electrons flowing in the right direction. Many top professional teams in all areas of the motorsports world rely on Naoto and Sakata Motorsport Electronics to keep their cars running smoothly.


                                Engine Guru

                              Chris Schroeder

Chris Schroeder, Engine GuruWith over thirty years of engine building experience, Chris relentlessly pursues perfection, ensuring that the Fontana Nissan 350Z's engines are always built to the highest standards.  Chris also brings a very high level of fabrication skills to the engine program, frequently handcrafting unique parts for the engines.  In addition to his engine building skills, Chris has also served as mechanic and car chief on the Nissan 350Z program in Grand Am.  Chris resides in Lompoc California.


Melinda Stewart

Melinda Stewart, Information and HospitalityMelinda is chiefly the team photographer and media contact. She is in charge of the content of the website and blog as well as distributing information about the team. She also handles the food and hospitality aspects associated with the Fontana Nissan Racing team. She has been photographing and cooking for race teams for fifteen years.  She resides in Rosamond California with her husband Jackson.

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