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Technical Corner - Car Build
Car Build

Once the chassis and body are complete it is time to work on all of the individual parts and start assembly.
Xtrac 427 Gearbox and custom spacer The first project was to install the custom Xtrac 427 gearbox.  We had designed everything before hand and Xtrac built the gearbox to our specifications.  We used an aluminum Tilton bell housing that we welded and machined to fit the VQ 35 engine.  Tilton built a custom all steel 104 T flywheel using a triple plate 5.5" clutch.  The flywheel only weighs 3.8 pounds and the 8.0" diameter gives it an ultra low moment of inertia.  We used a standard Tilton annular throw out bearing and Super Starter to complete the package.  We were allowed to move the transmission rearward about 8" so we machined an aluminum spacer to go between the transmission and bell housing.

Alcon brake package on Nissan 350Z

The next project was to mount the Alcon brakes.  It is easy to over size the brakes and not really improve braking performance.  The Alcon package is really nicely sized for this weight of car.

Alcon brake and custom rotor mounts

We manufactured custom aluminum rotor hats that incorporate the rotor hat, wheel spacer, and hub pilot in one piece.  This works to stiffen the hubs, properly pilot the wheel for fast pit stops, and is properly designed to allow the rotor to fully float.  Careful attention was paid to provide proper airflow to the brakes through two large 3" hoses per side.

Custom Koni shock Nissan 350Z

The car was also fitted with custom Koni 4 way shocks.  We have since changed to JRZ and have converted the rear to a true coil over set up.

Tilton pedal assembly in the Nissan 350Z

The driver should always be positioned as far rearward and low in the chassis as is allowed or possible.  To allow for different height drivers we mounted the Tilton Pedal Assembly on a moving sub floor.  The entire sub floor can be moved to suit the driver in seconds.

Racetech seat mounted in Nissan 350Z

Xtrac shifter mount

We also fabricated mounts to mount the super slick Xtrac shifter.  The sway bar controls, the brake bias adjuster and all the switches are within easy reach of the driver while belted in.

Custom switch box and shifter mount

On board fire system in the Nissan 350Z

The car and driver are protected from fire by the electrically actuated on board  fire system.

dry sump tank mounted in the rear

We mounted the 4 gallon dry sump tank as far rearward on the right side as possible.

fuel pumps and battery compartment

The four fuel pumps and the battery are contained in an enclosed area just ahead of the fuel cell and are supplied with dedicated cooling air from a duct mounted in the rear deck.

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