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Technical Corner - Dry Sump Oil Pan and Pump
Dailey Engineering Oil Pump and Pan

When we last ran the car we were still not comfortable with the quality of the oil pressure.  We decided to once and for all develop the ultimate oil system and put to rest any concerns about oil pressure.

Dailey Engineering custom billet oil pan

We worked with Bill Dailey of Dailey Engineering.  Bill builds state of the art dry sump pumps and also builds the very best billet oil pans with the oil pumps mounted directly to the  pan.
Dailey Engineering custom billet oil pan

Dailey Engineering custom billet oil pan

Bill's design for the VQ35 DE based engine integrates the aluminum main cap girdle directly into the pan.

Dailey Engineering billet oil pan inlet

By designing from the ground up Bill was able to incorporate an oil inlet to route the oil into the block in the stock location, as well as provide ports for our engine oil temp and pressure transducers.

Dailey Engineering billet oil pan screen

The oil pan uses the latest technology in controlling windage and separating the oil and air from around the crankshaft.

Dailey Engineering  billet oil pan

Dailey Engineering custom dry sump pump and oil pan

The pump is designed with roots type scavenge sections.  We expect that this efficient pump design will "over scavenge" the engine and should in fact draw in excess of 15" of vacuum.

Integrated dry sump pump and custom billet oil pan

The overall package weighs about 5 pounds less than our old package.  The integration of the oil filter right on the pump is another example of this design from the ground up approach.

Modifications to VQ35 block.

To fit the new pump with filter we had to remove the old mounting boss from the block.

Block modification for filter clearance

We also removed an unused boss from the block to allow easier access around the oil filter.

VQ35 front cover modifications for clearance

Both halves of the front cover  were cut to provide clearance for the pump assembly.

VQ35 front cover modifications

To make front cover removal easier for cam or cam timing changes a separate bolt on front piece was used.

VQ35 front cover modification

Competed Nissan VQ35 engine with new oiling system

This package came out better than we could have hoped for.  The complete system is fully integrated.  It all looks so good that we now think the engine looks ugly! 

Dailey Engineering dry sump pump and pan

These pumps are available in a variety of configurations, many of which will fit on an engine without modification.

Nissan VQ35 with Dailey Engineering oil pump and pan

With a complete redesign of the in car oil system and the addition of the oil-air separator we are confident that we now have a state of the art fully engineered oil system that will provide the needed oil pressure at all rpm's to insure reliable and long engine life.

Fontana Nissan VQ35 engine

Bosch alternator on VQ35 engine

The small Bosch alternator is now mounted on the left side of the engine.  It weighs half of the original alternator and puts out more amperage.  We will be running this alternator half as fast as the OE alternator.

Fontana Nissan Performance Parts will be stocking these pans.  Give them a call at 800 989-6173 and ask for Scott. We can engineer a system for your application.

Keep checking back often, our next topic will be suspension modifications.