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Technical Corner - Engine Build Part 2
Engine Build Part 2
The Cosworth Improvements

After the engine failure at the Buttonwillow Red Line Time Attack event (failure was totally unrelated to the bottom end components) we forged an alliance with Cosworth.  The new engine would be 3.8 liters using Cosworth crank, rods, pistons, bearings, and head gaskets.

Cosworth VQ35 crankshaft

The new Cosworth crank is a work of art and is very light at 39.6 pounds.

Cosworth VQ35 piston, rod, and rings

The Cosworth rod is beautifully manufactured.  The piston, which will give us 13.3:1 compression, is coated for low friction and has a different dome design than our previous piston.

Cosworth pistons in block

Cosworth also machined the block and balanced the rotating assembly.  Our job was simplified to measuring and confirming the dimensions.

Cosworth VQ 35 rods

The Cosworth rod is more compact and the piston is machined to allow us to use the OE style piston squirters.

VQ35 OE baffle

The compact design of the Cosworth components allowed us to use the OE baffle on the bottom of the engine.

Overall, the new Cosworth components reflect Cosworth's strict attention to detail.  This philosophy blends well with our own unwavering quest for perfection.