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Technical Corner - Engine Build Part 3
Engine Build Part 3
The Top End and Final Assembly

This section completes the engine building process.

Cylinder heads VQ35 race engine

The top end of this version of our VQ35 based engine is prepared to the Grand Am Rolex rules.  The cylinder heads were approved as we prepared them.  Starting with the early VQ 35 DE Nismo head castings we removed the standard valve seats and installed larger seats to accommodate 1mm over size intake and exhaust valves.

Supertech valves, springs,retainers,keepers,cam followers

The heads use Supertech valves, springs, retainers, keepers, and shim adjustable cam followers.

front cover VQ35

The completed and prepared cylinder heads are installed on the completed bottom end.  The valve clearance is adjusted and the cams are installed.  The front cover containing the unusual chain drive water pump is installed.

cam drive hubs Unitech VQ35 engine

We eliminate the cam control and replace the cam actuators with adjustable cam drive hubs we developed in-house.

camtiming is set and profiles measured VQ35

Cam profiles are measured and the cam timing is set.

Cam drive full assembled and adjusted VQ35

This shows the cam drive fully assembled and adjusted.

Once we have reached this stage the remaining work is assembling and detailing the components required to run this engine.

cam trigger

This engine is run on a Motec M800 ECU.
  We also wanted to be able to run it on the Rolex mandated Bosch MS 4.3 ECU so we use Bosch triggers and sensors.  The cam sync position is read using a Bosch sensor and a single tooth trigger wheel we machined and installed on the inlet cam.

Bosch MS 4.3 ECU

Bosch crank position sensor VQ35

The crank position is done with a Bosch sensor and a 60-2 tooth trigger wheel that we manufactured and installed on our custom machined front pulley.

Trigger wheel VQ35

dry sump system Unitech Racing VQ35

In the past we have been running a fairly conventional dry sump system.  We are working on a new state of the art dry sump system that will be installed in the near future. Stay tuned for an update and photos of the new pieces soon.

Hand fabricated intake manifold VQ35
Over the course of this project we have run this engine on a variety of commercially available intake manifolds.  Non of those manifolds performed properly with our engine combination.  We hand fabricated a manifold that has runner lengths that are designed to give us peak torque in the range this engine requires

Intake manifold runner

The nearly straight shot design provides optimum flow.

Fontana Nissan VQ35 engine

Engines like this that are expected to produce horsepower in the real world and run for many hours reliably are a combination of carefully selected parts and custom pieces meticulously designed and fabricated for this specific application.  This photo shows the custom intake with the powder coated plenum and very large 90 mm throttle body.  Also shown are the in-house designed and built stainless steel step headers.  This finished product performed to our expectations on the engine dyno and over the next few months will be proven in the car at the Red Line Time Attack events.