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The 350Z Technical Corner
The Technical Corner is the place to go for the lowdown on all of the technical aspects of the Fontana Nissan 350Z. We will be continually posting on topics concerning the engine, chassis, suspension, testing, tuning, and the constantly evolving improvements and changes made to the car. Come back often for the latest information.

Oil Pan and Pump Update After Dyno Run

On September 9th and 10th, the Fontana Nissan engine crew traveled to Aasco Performance to dyno the new oil pan and oil pump that we have worked to develop over the last few months.  The dyno at  Aasco has been correlated to the official Nascar dyno used by Grand-Am.

The installation on the dyno duplicates the conditions found in the race car as closely as possible.  The plumbing and tank sizes should replicate oil flow rates that are seen in the car.  We correct the readings to SAE J607.

The Dailey Engineering built oil pan and pump set up was expected to have the following benefits:

1.  Increased control of windage in the bottom end of the engine.

2.  More efficient scavenging of the oil and air.

3.  The ability to draw significant vacuum in the engine.

4.  Better quality of oil delivered  to the engine by removing the air from the oil.

5.  More efficient generation of oil pressure.

When we ran the old oil pump and pan we cooled the scavenged oil.  The effectiveness of the cooler was reduced by the volume of air trapped in the oil. 
We observed large amounts of trapped air in the oil tank.  The Dailey pump has an oil air separator.  We immediately observed virtually air free oil being returned to the tank.  In the car we have also changed the plumbing to cool the pressurized oil just before it enters the engine.

During the first runs with the new set up we observed a horsepower gain of 8 hp.  We also were delivering over 100 psi to the engine at high rpm.

We switched to a smaller volume pump that we had ready to test.  The small pump delivered a more reasonable 86 psi and netted an additional 5 hp.

The net gain of 13 hp form the pump and pan is with a regulated vacuum in the bottom end of 10 inhg.  After running the engine for the next 30 hours or so we will inspect and judge if we are comfortable with running more vacuum which should net even more power.